Progress report prepared for IVOA TM35

         From Nov. 26 to 28, 2009, China-VO 2009 was held successfully in Chongqing, the largest city in South-West China. Nearly 60 representatives from about 20 institutes, universities and companies attended the workshop.
         The theme of the China-VO 2009 is “New round of VO”. Both the China-VOand world wide VO projects are stepping into a new phase. On the workshop, blueprint and developing strategies for the China-VO was discussed broadly and refined. A basic consensus is that VO should serve its users, including astronomers, educators, and the public.
         In 2009, the most important accomplishment of the China-VO is enhancement of its infrastructure, including joining in of new staffs, constructing new database center, and collecting new data from LAMOST and CSTAR Antarctic observatory. A new funding was granted to the China-VO recently from the NSFC to put forward LAMOST scientific database system into operation by the end of the year.
        At the beginning of 2010, three pieces of computer software registrations were awarded to the China-VO by Copyright Protection Center of China. The three VO applications are SkyMouse, VO-DAS and FitHAS. SkyMouse is a lightweight interface for distributed astronomical on-line resources and services. FitHAS (FITS Header Archiving System) is a toolkit for FITS file providers and data centers. VO-DAS is an OGSA-DAI based service system to provide uniformed access to astronomy data.
       An enhanced version of FitHAS, named Fits Manager, is under developing, which will be a collaborating project with the VO-I. Like gallery applications, for example Picasa and ACDSee, for JPG and GIF images, we hope to provide a one-stop platform for FITS file managing.
       Collaborating with Microsoft Research and Microsoft Research Asia, a series of VO education activities basing on the WWT are designed for the year, including course development and teaching using WWT at Central China Normal University; WWT Teachers’ Training summer school; and WWT guided tours competition.