The China-VO and Astroinformatics 2020 was held successfully

The China-VO and Astroinformatics 2020 was held successfully in Xiamen from Nov. 25 to 29. More than 220 people attended the event. Slides and other information are available at the meeting website.

China and Europe together launch ESASky in Chinese

With the close collaboration between National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) and European Space Agency (ESA), ESA’s world-leading interactive celestial atlas, ESASky, has now been translated into Chinese. Alongside its English and Spanish language versions, this makes ESASky available to nearly one quarter of the world population in their native tongue. The ESASky in Chinese is scheduled to be available on June 11, 2020 (UST).

NAOC and ESA have long-time collaboration in science research and scientific data open access. NAOC is the host institute of China’s National Astronomical Data Center (NADC) and ChineseVirtual Observatory (China-VO), an online astronomical research and education environment that provides seamless, global access to astronomical information. The ESASky in Chinese is one of the latest achievements between the two partners.

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