New grant for the China-VO approved

The China-VO group got good news this month when SkyMouse received critical government funding. A three-year, RMB270,000 award to the China-VO team is announced by the National Science Foundation China recently. The funding will provide strong support to the development of SkyMouse system.
SkyMouse is a smart system developed by Chinese Virtual Observatory project to let you access different online resource systems easily then ever. Not like some VO efforts on uniformed access systems, for example, NVO DataScope, SkyMouse tries to show a comprehensive overview for a specific object, but not to snatch as much data as possible.
Stimulated by a simple 揗ouse Over� on an interested object name, various VO-compliant and traditional databases, i.e. SIMBAD, NED, VizieR, DSS, ADS, are queried by the SkyMouse. An overview for the given object, including