One Million RMB NSFC Grant to Fund "Chinese Virtual Observatory"

Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO) project was initiated by National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) in 2002. The China-VO focuses its main effort on IVOA Standard Implementation and Application Services. The R&D focuses mainly include 5 fields: China-VO platform construction, transparent data access service for national and international astronomical data, legacy astronomical application integration, astronomical instrument integration, and VO-based astronomy education.
On Aug 4 2004, the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced their decision to the China-VO project. The project, "Research and Development of Chinese Virtual Observatory Testbed", will be funded by a three-year, one million RMB grant from July 2004 to June 2007. The mainly goals of the project include "an operational China-VO platform based on Grid" and "uniform data access service supporting IVOA standard interfaces".