Jim Gray Visited NAOC

Accompanied by Peng Liu, the winner of PennySort 2002, Jim Gray visited National Astronomical Observatory in the morning on October 17. Jim's trip of China is for Microsoft conference: "Computing in the 21st Century".
First, Yongheng Zhao, project manager of China-VO, gave an introduction of LAMOST to Jim in project showroom. From 10:00 to 11:00, Jim gave a public talk, "Building the Worldwide Telescope". More than one hundred people presented including staff of NAOC and many guests from other institutes.
After public talk, we had a discussion. First, Chenzhou Cui introduced some condition of Beijing Astronomical Data Center (BADC) and gave out our ideas on China-VO and VO-oriented LAMOST. Then, We discussed some technical questions about database, HTM and .NET. Astronomers and computer scientists from NAOC, PKU and Tsinghua Univ. attended the discussion. In the end, we gained consensus on cooperation.