Notes for discussion with experts of SCCAS

Date: 2002-10-14 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location: Institute of Software, CAS
Zhao Yongheng (ZYH), Cui Chenzhou (CCZ), Shao Huijuan (SHJ), from NAOC
Chi Xuebin (CXB), Nan Kai (NK), Lu Zhonghua (LZH), from Supercomputing center of Computer Network Information Center, CAS (SCCAS).
ZYH gave an introduction of China-VO, focusing on the requirement of supercomputing and grid. CXB gave some suggestions about the requirement and introduced the SCCAS. Some technical details about grid and cross identification were discussed. SCCAS experts were very interested in the scientific goals of China-VO.
China-VO has good requirement and SCCAS can provide technical support. China-VO will be an excellent scientific application for their SC and grid. It is a win-win cooperation.