Meeting on Virtual Observatory of the Future

Chu Yaoquan from Project Science Division, attended a meeting on Virtual Observatory of the Future in Caltch, USA.
Virtual Observatory is consistent by tens of large astronomical databases distributed in different countries, and users can use these data through a high speed internet.National Virtual Observatory(NVO) was listed as the first project in the Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium of USA.
Nearly 140 astronomers all over the world attended the meeting. Three related main research subjects, i.e. formation and evolution of the large scale structure in the Universe, spectroscopic studies of the objects from the multi-band surveys, and the structure of the galaxies were discussed. These three subjects are happened to be the key subjects of the LAMOST project.
Astronomy will enter a new era, and its research methods will be changed as well. Both LAMOST project and Chinese astronomical community should pay more attention to the training of young astronomers to follow up this new research mode.