China-VO progress report (prepared for IVOA TM37)

        From Aug 1 to 3, a national wide teacher training was organized. Focusing on WWT guided tour design, concepts about Virtual Observatory, Data Intensive Astronomy and Citizen Science were introduced and experienced during the workshop. About 40 teachers and senior amateur astronomers attend the training. For more information, please visit:
      To take full use of GPU cluster (85 nodes, 158Tflops) at NAOC and raise HPC applications in astronomy, a parallel programing workshop was organized from Sep 14 to 16. More than 70 graduated students attended the workshop. Great interests were shown and very positive feedbacks were collected. In additional to computing intensive simulations, data
intensive projects are also planned for the GPU cluster.
      For other activities from the China-VO, please refer to the FM36 report: