A lecture notice


        Prof. Alex Szalay from JHU will give us a lecture on next Thursday (June 17) morning at 10:00AM.

       Alex initiated "Virtual Observatory" about a dozen of years ago, and leads the NVO project (http://www.us-vo.org/behindthescenes/who.cfm). I call him Father of Virtual Observatory. The collaboration and friendship between him and Dr.

Jim Gray has become a legend in the community. Live webcast will be available for the lecture so that VO fans outside of

NAOC can share it with us. 

Lecture information:

          Title:   HPC for Optical Astronomy: Astronomy with Petabytes of Data

          Speaker:   Prof. Alexander S. Szalay (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

          Date:   June 17, 2010              Time:   10:00AM

          Room:   NAOC A508               Live Webcast:   http://www.astron.ac.cn/live.html