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News about China-VO

IVOA Small Projects Meeting 2003 was held successfully

Please visit the website of the meeting for more information.

The 2nd national VO technical meeting was held

On 25-25 September 2003, the second national China-VO technical meeting was held at National Astronomical Observatory of China (NAOC). Representatives from NAOC, YunNan Observatory, Tsinghua Univ., Peking Univ., Nanjing Univ., Central China Normal Univ., Beijing Normal Univ., Beijing Planetarium, Computer Network Information Center CAS, and other related organizations participated this meeting.

Cooperation between the China-VO and the AIRE

In the morning, senior members of the China-VO (Yongheng ZHAO, Chenzhou CUI) and the AIRE (Jianfeng ZHOU, Rui QI) discussed how to enhance the cooperation between the projects at NAOC.
They came to the consensus that funding and personnel of the two projects were limited, and it was necessary to joint together to accelerate the R&D of VO in China.

"Hello China-VO", my first Grid service

Based on the GT3 alpha, "Hello China-VO", the first Grid service of mine, is completed, which is a little program just for testing. Its function is very simple, to return the inputted string or to act as a counter.
Chenzhou CUI

SDSS SkyServer running at NAOC

With the help of Mr. Jim Gray, the China-VO group mirrored the SDSS SkyServer successfully at NAOC. Please visit:

China National Grid project announced

From October 23 to 24, during two days meeting at Shanghai Supercomputing Center, China National Grid (CNGrid) consortium and China Grid Forum were established.
China government will invest 100 million RMB, about 12 M USD, to build the infrastructure of CNGrid including two primary nodes, eight ordinary nodes and several applications.
Virtual Observatory, as an implementation of Scientific Data Grid, is supported in the great project.

Jim Gray Visited NAOC

Jim Gray Visited NAOC

Accompanied by Peng Liu, the winner of PennySort 2002, Jim Gray visited National Astronomical Observatory in the morning on October 17. Jim's trip of China is for Microsoft conference: "Computing in the 21st Century".
First, Yongheng Zhao, project manager of China-VO, gave an introduction of LAMOST to Jim in project showroom. From 10:00 to 11:00, Jim gave a public talk, "Building the Worldwide Telescope". More than one hundred people presented including staff of NAOC and many guests from other institutes.

Notes for discussion with experts of SCCAS

Date: 2002-10-14 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location: Institute of Software, CAS
Zhao Yongheng (ZYH), Cui Chenzhou (CCZ), Shao Huijuan (SHJ), from NAOC
Chi Xuebin (CXB), Nan Kai (NK), Lu Zhonghua (LZH), from Supercomputing center of Computer Network Information Center, CAS (SCCAS).

China-VO WG meeting

Time : 2002-9-21

Place : LAMOST meeting room

Participant : Zhao Yongheng (ZYH), Cui Chenzhou (CCZ), Sang Jian (SJ), Shao Huijuan (SHJ), Zhu Guanghua (ZGH), Luo Ali (LAL)