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News about China-VO

IVOA Northern Spring Meeting 2017 will be held in Shanghai hosted by China-VO and SHAO

The IVOA Northern Spring 2017 Interoperability Meeting will be held in Shanghai, the largest city in China from May 14-19, 2017. The meeting is being organised by the Chinese Virtual Observatory and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. Please visit to the meeting website for more information.


Aliyun becomes strategic partner of the China-VO

On 13 Oct., Yan Jun and Hu Xiaoming, as the director of National Astronomical Observatory of China and president of Aliyun Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. respectively, together announced the news of their strategic cooperation in the 2016 Computing Conference hold in Hangzhou. Both will take full advantage of the strength of the partners in their respective areas to carry out cooperation in interdisciplinary research and application to improve basic scientific research capabilities in astronomy and to extend the application of latest research results of cloud computing in advanced scientific fields.

The scene photo in the press conference


Yan Jun (the director of National Astronomical Observatory) spoke in the conference

China-VO Paper Data Repository online

China-VO Paper Data Repository provides long-term storage and open access service for your paper data, which includes but not limited tables, figures, pictures, movies, source codes, models, software packages mentioned in your scientific papers. A permanent but user specified URL will be provided for each item. Furthermore, copyrights of these properties are still owned by yourself.
Getting started with China-VO Paper Data, please click here.

SDSS CasJobs in Beijing is online with SDSS DR12 and LAMOST DR1

For more information, please visit to:

Project report prepared for IVOA TM-57

At the beginning of 2015, AstroCloud, the China-VO service portal was selected as one of "Top 10 e-Science applications" by Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since its release on May 15, 2015, AstroCloud has served 2 telescopes for proposal submission, 10 projects for data archiving and management. 300 users have been registered, and more than 100 virtual machine instances have been created.

As the latest use case of "scientific data based astronomical education and public outreach" from China-VO, Chinese ancient constellation catalogue and figures are integrated into Worldwide Telescope (WWT), and released freely to the public. Related work was shown at the 225th AAS in Seattle in January 2015.


The Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) conference provides a forum for scientists and programmers concerned with algorithms, software and software systems employed in the acquisition, reduction, analysis, and dissemination of astronomical data. The ADASS XXIV is underway in Calgary, Canada.

China-VO has been contributing to the conference activity for several years. 5 presentations from the China-VO team are submitted to the ADASS XXIV, including one oral presentation and 4 posters. These presentations focus on the recently released AstroCloud system. Backgrounds, architecture, data management, interoperability, cloud computing, current status of the AstroCloud are covered in these presentations.

For more information, please refer to website of the conference at:

Program Organizing Committee (POC) shows strong interest in holding an ADASS conference in China in the future.

Beta version of China-VO AstroCloud was released

Beta version of China-VO AstroCloud was released on May 15, 2014.
Suggestions and comments are very welcome!
The China-VO AstroCloud project was supported by NDRC (National Development and Reform commission) and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences). Based on VO and Cloud technologies, the China-VO AstroCloud hopes to be a full lifecycle data management platform and an astronomical resource planning environments for the community and telescopes in China. Tasks such as observation time application, proposal review, data archiving, data release and sharing, scientific discovery collection, will be (or demanded) done on the platform. The platform will provide astronomers proposal submission, data archiving, data access, limited data processing and data mining, and maybe more services. 

China-VO 2013 was held successfully

China-VO 2013 was held successfully at Ya’an, Sichuan from Nov. 13-17. China-VO 2013 is the 12th annual meeting organized by the China-VO project. The theme of the meeting is "From the Ground to the Cloud". More than 70 representatives from nationwide observatories, universities and companies attended the meeting. For more information please visit:

Vice President of Microsoft Research Connections Tony Hey visited the China-VO

October 23, 2013, Vice President of Microsoft Research Connections, Tony Hey, visited National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC). Dr. Dan Fay (Director of Earth, Energy, and Environment of Microsoft External Research), and Dr. Guobin Wu (Microsoft Research Asia Academic Cooperation Department Manager) accompanied the visit. Deputy directors of NAOC, Gang Zhao and Jinxin Hao met with Dr. Hey. Professor Yongheng Zhao, Dr. Chenzhou Cui and China-VO team members attended the meeting.

Prof. Zhao expressed his welcome to Tony Hey. He showed grateful for the support given for the collaboration of Microsoft Research in the academic area with NAOC and China-VO. Dr. Cui recalled the pleasant and highly achievement cooperation for the past 11 years, since 2002 Microsoft Senior Scientist, Turing Award winner Dr. Jim Gray 's first visit to NAOC.

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