IVOA Small Projects Meeting 2003

26-28 November 2003: Beijing, China

Meeting Outline

There have been 13 member organizations in International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA). Several big projects, such as AstroGrid, Euro-VO and US-VO, have obvious advantages on funding, technology and astronomical resources. At present, they mainly focus on definition of VO related standards and development of VO infrastructure. Different from those big projects, there are more small projects, such as China-VO, KVO, RVO, and etc. Funding and resources are quite limited for these projects. How can small VO projects best contribute to the global VO efforts? What are the suitable R&D focuses for them?

Topic and Focus

The topics of the meeting cover but aren't limited to the followings:

SOC (incomplete)


Science Division, LAMOST Project

National Astronomical Observatory of China (NAOC)



Contact Address

    Chenzhou Cui (Dr.)
    National Astronomical Observatory of China
    20A Datun Road, Chaoyang District
    Beijing 100012, China

Tel: +86 10 64877703-1328; Fax: +86 10 64878240; E-mail: ccz@bao.ac.cn


Registry deadline: 16 November 2003 (CLOSED)

On-line registry form

Accommodation and Meeting

Accommodation and meeting are all at Beijing Conference Center (www.bj-bcc.com). The tariff for standard room (twin) is 240 RMB (about 29 USD) per night. The LOC have reserved enough rooms for the attendees. No special reservation is needed. If you perfer other choice or need any help, please contact us.

Internet can be accessed by dialling, so please take a MODEM with you. Prof. Yongheng Zhao and Dr. Jianfeng Zhou are willing share their wireless notebooks to access the Internet in the meeting room. Projector is available in the meeting room.

Beijing Trip

Location & Travel of NAOC And Beijing Conference Center

Meeting Gallery

Meeting Notes

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